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Solid State Drives adoption in Business


What is an SSD ?

Lets start first by expelling what a Solid State Drive (SSD) is. SSDs are flash based storage solution with no moving parts , it is a very similar technology to what your USB Drive is made of , the difference is the flash micro chips used are way faster and are of a higher quality on your typical SSD .

Why someone would want an SSD ?

1- SSDs are faster than a hard Drive with ultra low access time making your PC run very responsively , under 0.1 ms for SSDs VS around 9 ms for HDDs
2- They have no moving parts , so their physical shock resistance is very high keeping you date safe if you are on the move
3- they run cooler
4- they use less power so longer battery life
5- they live longer (if high quality flash is used)
6- Noise ,SSDs are silent

Here are some screen shots of a comparison between the two kinds:


Intel 330 , 4 years old SSD 68% full


WD 2TB Green Drive , 2 months old

The HDD used in this comparison is new with actually very good results , usually HDDs score around 0.8 MB/s in the 4K department also the SSD used is an older module , the SSD technology got cheaper and faster the past two years.

As you can see the difference is vast in the 4 kilobyte size read and write files . Your Operating System and Programs are usually vastly made of those tiny files. This takes your Hard drive ages to access causing the unbearable lag .

Now lets talk upgrade price , SSD prices are now affordable more than ever with SSDs like the Kingston V300 costing under 45� for 120GB capacity.

What are the possible barriers ?

The first thing that comes to mind is the manufacturer guaranty .Depending on the manufacturer , sometimes user upgrades voids the guaranty. This is not the case though for older devises where SSDs can breath new life into them.

A second thing might be that Tec Support companies don't really want to bother with upgrading , but then you are not providing the best customer support for your clients.

Verdict :

I do not see why SSDs are not highly adopted by business , they offer amazing perks HDDs can not offer . SSD will make you love your PC/Mac again , I promise you this :) .