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Virtual private server (VPS)


For a long time , buying your own cloud server would mean hosting a physical server in a data center. This would mean paying for a full server capacity even if you need only a small parentage of that capacity . Dedicated servers cost on average £400/year for a dual core server with 3GB RAM and 160GB HDD . That's when VPS Cloud hosting comes in play . A cloud server will cost you between 3£ to 12£ a month for a single core to a duel core setup (Virtual Cores ). WE will be looking at a specific offer from OVH a server hosting provider .

What can you use a VPS for??

You are limited to using a Linux OS on the value range we are going to look at otherwise you can run anything if you have the know how . I run a Teamspeak voice server , PPTP VPN server , Minecraft server , MySQL server , Apache server and an FTP server (vsftpd) , in fact all at once on one VPS instance.


- Based in the EU
- Cost is low
- Generous amount of RAM
- Intel based server (better single core performance )
- Fantastic control panel


Today we will be looking at an offering from OVH the "VPS SSD 1" which costs 2.99£ a month . This offering from its tittle is an SSD based offering , which means your OS will be running on an SSD Hard Drive . This equals better Read/Write performance which will translate to a better applications performance. As part of the offer you will get 2GB of DDR3 RAM , 10GB SSD storage and a 2.4GHZ single virtual core CPU . On the spec sheet it is stated that the CPU used is from the Xeon E5v3 CPUs family rated at 2.4GHz . This means the CPU used has to be one of the following , either E5-2620V3 or E5-2630V3 . The total Passmark score for the E5-2620V3 is 9994 which translate to about 830 per V-core . This is equivalent to the Intel Celeron N3050 , basically the performance of a low-end notebook which is fantastic for a server that is less than 36£ a year . You also get 100 Mbit unmetered (subject to fair use policy ) network which is very usable .

What is the setup process ??

Start by choosing your service , in this case we will go with the SSD variant because it is the cheapest .

Then we will choose from 3 different options , the difference between the 3 will be in performance and storage space. In this case we will go with the cheapest because 1 V-core and 10GB of storage is enough for our use .This will be 2.99£ a month .

Now you will need to choose your server location and OS .

As you can see most of Linux flavors are covered , also you have the option for a server located in France or in Canada . You also can choose a Desktop OS if you want to use a GUI in case you want to use your VPS as a remote desktop . After filling in your information and paying the first month cost (you can pay for a year in advance ) you will have your OVH account and VPS server information sent to you via your email . Now you can login to the control panel and start using your VPS.

The control panel has a remote access app (KVM) so you do not need to remotely login to your sever using SSH making managing multiple VPSs a breeze .

Yo can do a lot with a server in the cloud , you can pair multiple MySQL servers each one with its own VPS . This way you can combine the performance of all 3 . You can run your own VPN server and share it with say 12 Other people for secure public web use each with up to 1 Megabyte worth of bandwidth . The sky is your limit or should we say the cloud is your limit ;) .