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Over 9 years of experience in the IT sector. Experienced supporting business IT infrastructure and providing technical support. Highly skilled at creating training manuals and delivering corporate training. Proven track record in training and supporting people on all levels including people with learning disabilities. Good at public relationships and networking.


Approachable and friendly. Passionate about technology, even outside of work as I highly enjoy events like EGX and I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest consumer and server technologies.

In my spare time I enjoy streaming on the platform Twitch, this helps me stay socially active and stay connected with my friends .
Make sure to vistit my streaming webpage Twitch.tv/ MohTecGames .

As part of my work with Hao2.eu I successfully led a team of 4 developers in designing and delivering our product (3DNovations), which is now used by over 300 of our users on a daily basis, which also was adopted in research funded by DWP to help young people gain work skills using technology.

I also provided 3rd Line Customer Support to the servers running our 3DNovations system using our OSticket support ticket system while supervising our team in providing 1st Line and 2nd Line support.

An important aspect of my role working with hao2.eu involved me Representing/demoing Hao2.eu products and services at events as an exhibitor/speaker and manage other Hao2.eu representatives working at the events. We attended and represented our products at BETT show multiple years where I was responsible for the stand and demos.


I have experience working with Windows, Mac and Linux OS (ubuntu). As part of my work with Hao2.eu we maintained a number of equipment both for office use and lending to client groups in addition to supporting clients accessing our platform on their own personal devises which introduced a wide range of difficulties and tech issues I needed to resolve as part of my technical team. Even though my job role is lead role, because the company is small, I would do more work alongside the team to cover the workload.

I have experience deploying, configuring and managing Mac OSX or Windows 7 and 10 . As part of my job as part of a team, we would upgrade and re install windows and mac OS on the office equipment that we lend to clients to make sure they are clean of undesirable programmes and potentially harmful software like key loggers and spyware .

I have networking experience and good knowledge of wireless technology. I have a Cisco Networking Academy certificate which covers most of the working knowledge needed for most LAN networking. Our products at Hao2.eu include a local aria portable classroom virtual world servers which rely on a solid portable routers (wireless and wired) and switching gear. Networking is a subject I can improve on because I already have a solid background.

Experience supporting MS Office/Active Directory/ Mobile Devices. As part of my work I did work with mobile devises along side or virtual world products including unity and VR (google cardboard) .


We used MS office at work , also we used g-suite alongside it which I needed to support . I have working knowledge of Active Directory.

I am adaptable and flexible , as part of my role at Hao2.eu . I needed to deliver demos and training classes to clients all over the UK , from Manchester , Wales and London . I also needed attend tech shows to provide tech support for our demos. I am very comfortable and experienced working on external sites.


I am very confident in my ability to communicate with people at all levels .We worked with people with learning disabilities (Autism and Asperger) , also some of our team has this learning disability . My role required me to communicate our products to users with learning difficulties up also high level investors and even the DWP at one point as we did a joint project with multiple job centres around the UK .


Please feel free to email me at info@mohtec.com if you have any questions . You can find my Linkedin profile here :
Linkedin .